Saturday, April 13, 2013

Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos

                                                                   by Simon Tofield

                     Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos is a fun and funny addition to the library of anyone who loves cats. In fact, it is a great addition for anyone who likes to laugh. I have been a fan of Simon's Cat since I first came across Cat Man Do, a hilarious line drawing video, years ago. In fact, that may still be my favorite video of all. Or maybe it's TV Dinner? No, it is impossible to choose a favorite Simon's Cat video.

I have a cat. Well, I have some cats, and so maybe I am more inclined than a non cat person to laugh at the antics that Simon's Cat, and now the Kitten get up to. They are particularly funny when you have seen your own cats pulling the same stunts, and getting into similar situations. Cat lovers know that brining a new kitten into the family is not an easy task, most of the time. There is always a period of time when the first cat is very suspicious of the new kitten, and appalled by its uncivilized behavior. Forgetting, of course their own days of curtain climbing and furniture shredding. 

Simon Tofield is unsurpassed in bringing these behaviors to light, and presenting them in the most humoress way possible. I will keep this book on the shelf with my keeprs, the books that I know I will read and enjoy again and again. As laugh out loud funny as the video versions of Simon's Cat can be, this hilarious book version is a must have for cat lovers everywhere.

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