Monday, April 14, 2008

The Journey To Pain Relief

by Phyllis Berger

Anyone who has ever endured pain for a length of time will understands how important it is to find relief.All too often, stretches ,heat, icing, and medications fall short. Many have learned to search farther afield for help and relief.
This book presents case studies, explanations of the reason for the pain, and a wonderful variety of treatments. The depth of understanding by this author is incredible. She offers options for treatment of everything from skin hunger, ( a very real condition resulting from the absence of touch) to neuralgia. Treatments are suggested relevant to the conditions discussed. .
Since many of us are using alternative treatments more and more often, this book is an invaluable resource . Treatments we have heard about but may not be familiar with, such as laser treatments, acupuncture, TENS machines and more are explained in simple easy to understand. The mind body connection is addressed and the importance of emotional well being for good health is presented with suggestions on how to achieve this physical harmony. Laughter, meditation and prayer should not be discounted, as they can be very helpful in conquering pain and achieving the relief and ability to cope with pain that many of us seek.

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