Sunday, October 5, 2008

Enslaved by Ducks and Fowl Weather

By Bob Tarte

This was an entertaining read. Enslaved by Ducks is the first of two books telling the story of Bob Tarte, His wife and family of pets. The author tells of being a young man who was completely disinterested in the animal kingdom to someone who has learned the joys of life with pets after being dragged kicking and screaming into this knowledge by his wife Linda. Linda is a unique individual whose empathy with animals is legendary.

Their story is told by Bob himself in such a humorous and entertaining way that fifty pages into this book I had purchased the next one, Fowl Weather.

Bob Tarte's second book about his life with ducks, ( cats, parrots, bunnies and more) was just as compelling as the first. I enjoyed learning more about his wife Linda and his best friend Bob. This book was a little more about finding his way in in the world while in the throes of depression after losing his father and more members of his animal kingdom.
He appears more vulnerable and unsure, but never fails to have his life brightened and gilded by Linda and his pet family.

Those of us who have grappled with depression can find many ways to connect with his feelings, and the occasional feeling that his life was whirling out of control. He is more fortunate than some, with a good support system of family and friends.

Both of these books will make you laugh out loud, and shed a tear. I know that they did that for me.

I chose to review these two books together as I read them back to back, as the should be read I think. They are great stand alone reads but much better together. I am hoping for book three


  1. You make these stories sound charming.

  2. Kath, thanks so much for your very generous review of "Enslaved by Ducks" and "Fowl Weather." I'm so happy you enjoyed them both.

    I'm currently working on a book about our six cats called "The Funnel of Happiness." But the birds will make their inevitable appearances, too.

    Nice blog! Take care.