Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beneath the Hallowed Hill by Theresa Crater

What you will feel when you read this book is enraptured. That is a feeling
I haven't had since I read Crater's last offering, Under the Stone Paw. These
books have more than the story in common, There is a basic feeling of rightness

First, if you have not read Under the Stone Paw, I urge you to do so. That is
not only a wonderful book in its own right, but it lays the groundwork for this
story. If you choose not to, and just read this as a stand alone, that will work
for you as well.

Atlantis. Who hasn't wondered about Atlantis? Have you ever wanted to visit Merlin's
Crystal Cave? How about Avebury, England or Stonehenge? Well, pick up this book and
you will be there. You will meet faerie, and the Maidens of Avalon, too. Like Avalon
itself, this book seems to be a sum of magic, as there are far too few pages to hold
what you will experience if you read the story.

Michael and Anne travel to Glastonbury to visit the home left to Anne Le Clair by
her mother's sister. This is where the story begins, or should I say takes off?
Once in Glastonbury, they find that there is a problem with one of the Sacred Springs.
They take time off from their pursuit of the Illuminati to lend a hand. Here is where
the story begins and ends. But, ends is perhaps not the right word? I think the ending
lies somewhere in the future. I think you will enjoy the journey, but each journey has a
beginning. Pick up the book and see where your beginning lies..

Strongly recommended

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  1. This sounds interesting :)
    I read Mary Stewart's books about Merlin many years ago, and really enjoyed them.