Friday, June 3, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud: A Novel by Ben Sherwood

This was a book remarkable in it's beauty.
It is insightful, hopeful and filled with tragedy, but the message
I believe is to remember that things are not always as they seem.
Endings are beginnings too, and whatever we believe, truth is truth.

Charlie and his brother steal a neighbors car and sneak out to a baseball game.
their beagle was smuggled into the game too, in a backpack. They had a wonderful
time and were headed home when it happened. The thing that would change life
as they knew it forever.

Charlie lives the life of a lonely man, but it is also filled with
love and beauty. He is a good person who did a foolish thing,
This thing has been the center stone of his life until one day, another
tragedy happens. But remember, things are not always as they seem.
One seeming tragedy took away what he knew, could another tragedy
change his life yet again? Or will it be the end of Charlie?

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