Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coffee with Thunderbolts

By Marianne G Petrino

 Here we follow part of the journey of Elena and her Aunt and mentor Rosemarian. The cast of characters who each play a role in this journey are interesting and magical. By magical, I mean in the literal sense, not just an adjective for a well thought out character. Elena feels that she has failed to live up to her mothers ambitions for her, and in fact she has. The most important aspect of this is that her mothers ambitions and Elena's are worlds apart, literally.

Elena and Rosemarian and company journey to some mystical areas of our country in pursuit of Mayan truths. The adventures they have along the way are well worth reading, but perhaps even more so the antics of the beings they encounter, both corporal and non.

I would say that this may not be a book for everyone, but really, what book is? And how do you know unless you give it a try? I enjoyed spending time with these characters and think that anyone who has a curiosity about the Mayans, 2012, magic, metaphysics, labyrinths or for that matter family dynamics will enjoy this story.

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