Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Man with Pointy Teeth

by M Juanita Taylor

I read this authors first book Last year. It is called Cogslea Revisited, and is about a group of atists referred to as The Red Rose Girls.Malindi is an African Wild Dog in Cogslea, and was perhaps my favorite character of all. Malindi is of course sweet, loving and intuitive, as are so many dogs.

We meet up with more African Wild Dogs in this story, but they resided in a zoo and are part of a behavior study.
Caitlin is an art student who volunteers nights to watch the dogs and take notes on their behavior. She is befriended by Eddie, an employee of the zoo, who frankly seems a little like a man up to no good.

We learn that Caitlin has a good heart and is impulsvie, perhaps too muh so, as she allows some dubious characters to stay with her when they are down and out. I further questioned her common sense later in the book, when after a series of unfortunate events resulting in more than one death, she follows the advice of another dubious seeming character who suggest she hold back some information from police.

I have to say that I was clutching the book and trying to turn pages more quickly than I should when Caitlin herself seems to be the target. She has a new love interest and things are looking too good to be true. That's when things always happen right? Romances come crashing down, the mil spoils and the roses die. I just happens that way.

This story has Taylor's typical cast of quirky and interesting characters, and her love of animals shines clearly
throughout the story. The mystery held up pretty well for me and the story held my interest to the end. Do i recommend this one? Why yes I do! If you like mysteries, zoos, quirky characters and bonus... The Philadelphia area, read it. I think you will like it.

It is dark around the edges, just enough to take in a sharp breath from time to time.. but, it won't keep you up at night. Sounds about right , don't you think?

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