Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Year of Fog

by Michelle Richmond

Abby Mason walks along a beach with Emma. The daughter of her fiance. A child she already loves. Following along behind the little Emma, she stops and looks away for just seconds. When she looks up again the girl is gone.

Abby searches frantically, and calls the police. It is left up to her to call Jake, Emma's father, and let him know what has happened. That call is the beginning of a journey that will tale Abby deep into the depths of her own heart and soul, and a great distance away to another country, where she believes that she will find the girl.

The story journals the days and weeks from the first moment Abby realizes Emma is missing, through the weeks and months where her thoughts are with the child, and during which she attempts to hold her relationship with Jake together. Can any relationship survive such a tragedy?

This is a mystery, it is a love story, and compelling story of faith and growth of the human spirit.

There is a period about three quarters of the way through, where the story lags a bit, but stick with it, for an emotional and intriguing ending.

I recommend it .

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