Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pandora's Daughter

by Iris Johansen

This is a good book. I had no idea that the author was primarily a romance writer when I found and bought this book. I enjoyed every page of it, then went looking for a sequel.

The main characters are Megan Blaire and Neal Grady. They are joined by an intriguing cast of characters, Renata, Harley, Phillip and others.

The story begins when Megan is fifteen years old, and experiencing the trauma of dealing with "voices" in her head. Her mother, in what seems to be an awkward attempt to protect her, advises her to ignore them. Very early on Sarah, Megans mother is murdered.

The book moves ahead to when Megan is an adult, a doctor. She has not thought about those voices in a long while. But events occur to force her to not only face them, but to accept what they are and that she is one of many who deal with special abilities.

Neal becomes her protector, or more accurately reveals that he has been her protector for many years. That too, is something she has to accept. Things begin moving quickly, and lives are at stake, and lives are lost. Megan meets others like herself, with extraordinary abilities and she comes into her own.

This is an interesting and compelling story. I honestly couldn't walk away until I came to the end. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced and unique read

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