Sunday, March 23, 2008


by William Valtos

Mary Magdalene as a biblical and historical figure has been much maligned over the years.

In this book, Valtos uses his unique approach to story telling to bring out many of the controversies and historical findings to create a rich and compelling story of the Magdalene.

An infant is found on the steps of a convent in Spain, and is brought up within the order. She is cared for primarily by a single nun. A woman who became her surrogate mother, her playmate, her teacher and in the end, one who introduces her to her true legacy. At the age of eighteen, the girl known as Sister Mariamme begins to behave in a peculiar manner.She argues with those in authority, including priests who are offering Mass. She disputes the Gospels, and even tries to remove any crucifix that enters her sight.Most peculiar of all, She claims that she is Mary, the Magdalene. The Church sends in a Jesuit psychiatrist, at first believing that she is suffering from mental illness. Then things change, and Vatican itself becomes involved in what can only be described as a cover up.

People die.

Theophanos Niikonos, ( who first appeared in the book The Authenticator) becomes involved in this case when La Magdalena as she is now called by many, discreetly hands over a document and requests that he deliver it for her. She does this when she encounters him during a visit to a cathedral.

The story that unfolds is one that uses science and religion to prove ( or disprove) the truth about reincarnation. Many legitimate studies on the subject are quoted. The science behind DNA testing and carbon-14 dating are used to explore the possibilities. The history and the dedication of the Templar's in regards to the Sangreal are addressed.

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