Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Swan by Chris Knopf

This is the first book in the Sam Acquillo series that I have read. I enjoyed it from the first page.
The reader is drawn into some fast action and witty dialogue immediately. The book opens with
Sam , girl friend Amanda, and Sam's lively mutt Eddie, delivering a sleek, new, sailboat to a friend.
A storm came up with no warning and Sam and Amanda have their hands full keeping the  boat on the
water, instead of under it.

Obviously, they do manage to survive or it would have been a very short book, and that would have
been a shame. This was a good Sunday afternoon read. It was fast paced, very fast paced. No time
to be bogged down, as every page was filled with either charming and witty dialog or pertinent events.
It was filled with improbable situations that only made the story more fun. Who needs a fun read to be

If you are looking for deep drama, or a literary challenge, avoid this book. You won't be impressed.
If you want a good fast paced mystery on an island being rocked by sudden storms and an even more
sudden spurt of serious crime, give it a try. The solution to the mystery is interesting and has a unique

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