Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel by Tea Obreht

I should simply have gone to the last page, and not wasted the
last several hours of my life. This is a story of .. well I wish I knew.
There is a young girl, who is close with her grandfather. The grandfather
is a doctor and the girl would be someday as well. He told her stories of his life.

The mishmash of stories revolves around a time when her grandfather was a
boy in a town in the Balkans. And ther eare stories of when he was an adult,
a doctor and well respected. It swings back and forth through time so often that
it takes concentration to sort out where or when you are.

It is a story of murder, of evil and of children who are not loved.
There is a fantasy or maybe a legend that is the thread that runs through the
book. The thread is more the Tiger, than the young woman who came to be referred
to as the Tiger's Wife.

I admit it. I got sucked into the hype, the marketing and I suffered for it.
This is a book I requested from the vine program because it sounded like
it would be a faery tale or lovely story. There was nothing lovely about it.
The story is was like a salad, One made of iceberg lettuce. A salad with little bits
and pieces of this and that. But the bits and pieces are so small, and so widely spread
throughout that they have no hope of adding interest or flavor.

The man who couldn't die, turned up now and then for a bit of spice. Other
than that, the very best part of this book is the final paragraph. That earned
the book a star to add than the single star rating I had planned to give it.
The final paragraph was beautiful.

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