Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Over All That: And Other Confessions by Shirley MacLaine

When Shirley Maclaine writes, it feels more like a conversation with her. So, this won't be a review so much as a comment or two. I feel the need to mention that I love her madly, and feel that she has never written a book that was not at least interesting, if not fascinating. I also feel that she has never given a performance on screen that was anything but stellar. I guess you could say that I am a fan. I have been a fan since I saw her on tv, way back in the distant past. It was either the movie My Geisha, or a clip. I am not sure of anything except I saw her and was immediately drawn to her and have never lost that feeling of connection. Past life connection perhaps? Maybeso. Like Shirley, that is part of my belief system. 

I have read all of her books except Saging While Aging , because somehow that one fell off my radar. 
I have enjoyed them all, and always feel that the most recent is my favorite. This hasn't changed. As in her other books, I'm Over All That is full of her thoughts and opinions. She share freely and she explains why she feels the way she does. I love the  idea of her "wall of life". I saw it on Oprah when she was there to be interviewed recently. She has a lovely home. It looks right for her. And the idea of having a place to go in your home to simply remember times and people who have shared your life is 
brilliant. I might just try a variation of it myself. I am not a celebrity, but my life is mine, and the people and times are my own. I like it.  Stay tuned. 

We hear about her relationships with some of the leading men in her life, as well as men she has met and men she simply fell in love with at the time. There were a lot of them, but I truly believe that she loved them all. She is so open and honest, and interested. Yes interested as well as interesting. I share her trait of being an individual who questions. I want to know why, how and when. I want to learn . There are many things like religion, politics and spirituality where we share similar questions, Shirley and I . 

There are some references to journeys she has taken in other books, in fact there are references to journeys he has taken in other lifetimes. So often she is validated in strong and simple, yet meaningful ways.  For instance, a cross she had owned in a previous lifetime came back to her this time. How much more validation can you get? To find out how this happened you need to read the book. I encourage you to read the book, because it is filled with answers. And questions, and love. She is a loving person, and a down to earth one. She is still beautiful, by the way, she isn't over that.. 

I am over many of the same things she is, by the way.. Thanks Shirley!

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