Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Knowledge of Good & Evil

by Glenn Kleier

Another fast paced, though provoking, action packed thriller from Glenn Kleier!
Back to the Bible, and of course the Vatican for source material, add a daring, and dashing
young ex-priest with a pure heart and a crisis of faith and you have an idea about what this
book in about. Ian Baringer made a name for himself when he was still a priest by performing
an act of heroism, and saving lives.

Despite the acclaim heaped upon him by the church, he still struggled. Having lost his parents in
a tragedy that could well have taken his life as well, he longed to see them again. He left the church and began a quest to find a way into the afterlife. His research and personal experiences convinced him that only by experiencing a NDE, near death experience, could he find them. They had lost their lives protecting him, saving his life. He felt that it was impossible to go on with his own life, until he did all that he could to thank them, even traveling beyond death itself.

Angela was not only a co-worker, but his fiancee. They made up a paranormal investigating team for
a popular television show. This and his own personal wealth gave him the tools he needed on
his quest to journey beyond physical death. He had an ingrained goodness and belief in miracles, and
Angela was a skeptic. This gave balance to his mission, and to his life. Then things got even more interesting. Friends in high places were able to help him, even as others were trying to take his life away for good. Are there some secrets that should never be revealed?


  1. Experience (NDE), the afterlife itself and the consequences it would take to prove that God exist. I've always have my own questions and theories about the whole thing (God, religion, death, heaven and hell) and with the death of a friend 3 months ago, the thought of it got stronger, especially when my mother-in-law had a disturbing dream about where he is.

  2. I suspect that your mother in law's dream was prompted by grief and fear.
    I have had experiences of my own that give me peace. I hope she is able to find some, as well.