Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Only Time Will Tell

 by Jeffrey Archer

Only Time Will Tell is book one of a new series by Jeffrey Archer.
As anyone who has ever read Archer can tell you, he tends to write
can't miss this one books!

Harry Clifton is a child from a very poor family. His father died
before Harry knew him, and he and his mother live a subsistence existence
in a shabby little home with his mother's parents and her brother. Food
is not only not plentiful, but barely available. A bit of toast and the
leavings in his uncles bowl are all that there is for Harry's breakfast.

Despite all of this, Harry shows himself to be a remarkable child. Although
he is determined not to sit in a classroom, and as often as possible runs off to the docks,
he is a particularly clever and we are to find out, talented boy. He also has good
instincts. Despite being warned away often by his Uncle Stan, Harry befriends
Jack Tar, who lives in a railway car near the docs. Jack is no more than a penniless
ne'er to well, were Stan to be believed. But Harry and Jack become firm friends, and
Jack helps to steer Harry on a path of learning, during their hours in the rail car.

As time passes opportunities com Harry's way. It turns out that he has the voice of
an angel, and this small twist of fate begins to open doors that will improve Harry's
future. What a lucky boy, you say? Well, yes.. but he is also a good and caring young man,
and this too, helps him pave the way to better roads ahead.

Friends are important, and never more so than to a child. Harry's Best friends are Giles Barrington,
who comes from a wealthy family and A. Deakins, who like Harry has had a rough start. They meet in
school and form a fast and enduring friendship. This is yet one more thing that will change Harry
Clifton's life. But nothing will change it more than a decision that Harry himself makes in the
early days of WWII.

I have barely closed the covers on this book, and I am already anxious to see what the next book
in the series will bring. Archer is quite a storyteller. Let his words carry you along...

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