Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Arthritis Handbook: The Essential Guide to a Pain-Free, Drug-Free Life… by Grant Cooper

I was happy to receive this book. I have arthritis myself, and hoped it would give me some ideas.

I am an advocate of natural remedies and holistic healthcare.

This book begins by providing a simple, factual and complete understanding of the body’s joints and what is necessary to keep them healthy and ourselves active.

The Arthritis Handbook is just what I was looking for as a guide. All avenues are explored, including our diets, and how ample water in our diets is absolutely necessary. I knew that exercise is helpful, but this book offers easy to do exercises along with helpful photographs showing exactly how they should be done. The use of specific supplements is suggested, along with advice to use them under a physician’s care, and how to recognize those that follow basic manufacturing standards. At a time when so many supplements are available, this is something that is useful across the board, not just in management and prevention of arthritis.

After reading The Arthritis Handbook, I felt that I was on the right path. Instead of facing a future of increased pain and limited mobility, this book has shown me how to combat arthritis rather than accept it and try to manage the pain with medication.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this book. I once worked at and managed a holistic veterinary clinic. I know for a fact that the suggestions put forth in this guide work. I saw them used for animals, who have no preconceived notions or expectations. That proves the efficacy of a holistic approach, in my opinion. I use most of these techniques already, but have relied on walking and my rather physically demanding job for exercise. I am happy to see some alternatives.