Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Journal of Curious Letters (Book One of The 13th Reality Series)… by James Dashner

The longer you stay with this story, the better it gets.
I admit that there were some parts that I believe could be changed, but they are parts that I am looking at as an adult, a mom in fact.

Letting go of that and reading it as a child might, just accepting the story, made all the difference.

I like Tick.. I like his dad and his friends. This is an entertaining read. I will probably not be a phenomenon, but it is a book that kids will read, and that alone is a positive, in my opinion.

The story is filled with improbabilities, but good ones. I am always concerned about magic being allowed to simply die in our world. Books like this one help to keep it alive . That too, is a good thing. I like the fact that the main character is a bit nerdy, not one of the "in" crowd. I like the way that he was allowed to grow in his own eyes, which is where it matters the most. I like the fact that he likes and trusts his family, that sends a good message.

I agree with some others that some characters could be fleshed out a bit more, but then, that could happen as the story continues. Something had to be saved for book two. And again, we are judging as adults, not youngsters.

This is a decent read for an adult who is reading a kids book, and I think a really good read for kids. I look forward to the next one.