Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Yoga Zoo Adventure: Animal Poses and Games for Little Kids (SmartFun Activity Books)… by Helen Purperhart

This book had me from the very beginning...

" 1. Feeling the Sun:

*The sun has risen, and the sunbeams shine through the window onto your face

*lie on your back with your arms by our sides

*feel the warmth of the sunbeams on your body

* feel the sun warming your face, your chest, your tummy, your arms, your hands, your legs and your feet."

It begins like a guided meditation... a fun guided meditation for little ones.

It moves on to stretches, waking your fingers, shaking to wake your body, and playing at simple activities such as tooth brushing.

This is using techniques similar to what I see used by our OT's and PT's every day and putting them into a fun and entertaining context.

I work with special needs children in the pre-school level, ages three to five. This book has so much that will be beneficial to them. Much of what is in this book can be used with even the lower functioning children in our classes.

Typical pre-schoolers will be challenged to use their imaginations and to play together. So many of the poses and postures are those used by the children in their play during the day. To take them a step farther will be simple and fun for everyone. It is like bringing some of the fun of a visit to the zoo into your living room, classroom or your own backyard.

I was surprised and pleased to find a section on Animal Fables. Not only the can the children learn to move and stretch their bodies and their imaginations, but they will be learning from these wonderful stories as well. Turtles, Starfish, Lions and Owls and so much more.

One of the best things about this book is the way it not only encourages parents to spend time with their children, but gives them ideas and information on how to make it more fun.

This is going to be a very well used book in our classroom

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