Sunday, February 24, 2008

Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog… by Ted Kerasote

I am having a hard time giving this book the credit that it deserves. This is a beautifully written book about a beautiful and loving relationship between a dog and his person. I loved this dog. Mer;e's story is about a fun loving, respectful and respected dog. His early months were a mystery, and he found his home with a loving person while living as a stray. His story is that of one of those once in a lifetime dogs. A dog that knows what his person is thinking and how to make his person understand his own thoughts and needs.
I was in love with this dog from his first appearance on the page.
I took a chance on this book. I rarely buy books about a dog, a cat or specific pet. As we are all too sadly aware we too often lose those we love most, and with our four legged family, it is always too soon.

This book made me sad.

This book made my dog happy, because after I read it and cried into his golden coat, I went off to the store to buy him a bag filled with beef soup bones and chicken backs, took him for a long walk and massaged his ears until he nearly swooned.

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