Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Double Bind: A Novel by Chris Bohjalian

Bohjalian never disappoints. This is a story of a young woman Laurel Estabrook, who is a social worker in a homeless shelter She has a bond to the broken spirits who end up in her care, because she is a broken spirit herself. She endured an horrific attack one day while still a college student. No one really knows just how broken her spirit is, not even Laurel herself. At least, not until it is brought home to her while doing some research.

A sweet and charming mentally ill man who passed through the shelter and was successfully homed and monitored by Laural and her co-workers passes away. He leaves behind a box of photographs. While browsing through these pictures, Laurel finds clues to her own past, and she becomes consumed with the need to learn more.

Thus begins her journey, a journey that will draw you in, bring you to tears, and come finally to a stunning ending.

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