Sunday, February 24, 2008

In your own voice : using life stories to develop writing skills… by Bernard Selling

This is a book unlike any other book on writing that I have ever read. This is not chapter after chapter that explains the mechanics of putting words on paper. This is not going to leave you feeling that you should leave your pen in the drawer and take up knitting. This is a book that is filled with encouragement. It definitely leaves one feeling that they too can write something that others would enjoy reading.

In Your Own Words is like having a warm and caring teacher showing you how it is done. This book encourages you to develop your own style, and to write from the heart. It gives you confidence. Confidence to not only write from your heart, but to tell your stories. Story telling is beginning to be a lost art. I hope that in some small way this helps those who read it to remember how natural, how important, and how special it is to share your story, your thoughts, and your beliefs by word of mouth. That is the way we began. It should be carried on through the generations. There are things conveyed by word of mouth that can never be told with pen and ink.

Perhaps best of all, this book is filled with touching stories. It shows the progression of the stories from first draft to a polished and finished piece. The key word here is shows. It does not just tell how it is done, but it shows you the difference a tweak or two can make.

I have read quite a few books on writing. Writing is something that I enjoy doing myself. I have never really felt that what I can write is good enough to share, but I now feel differently.

In a simple, understandable and sometimes amusing format, this book will help those of all ages to begin, or continue to share their thoughts. It is a book that I would like to see in any classroom where creative writing was part of the curriculum, as well as school and public libraries.

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